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Who Would Want To Be A Raider

Tom Cable gets fired for turning a franchise around. Thats it, this should be the post, nothing else said. Coach Cable took the job in 2008 when Lane Kiffen was let go and found his way to Tennessee. Cable lasted longer than the five coaches before him did, in the past 16 years the Raiders have had eight coaches. Cable this year lead the Raiders to their first non-loosing record since the AFC Championship run of 2002.

So you can see why Im writing about this, to try and get some feed back from sports fans about what the NFL Coaching has become. This years, so far, Dallas and the Vikings have both experinced a coaching change, its expected that the Titans will look to replace Coach Fisher, good luck with that Tennessee hes the best fit for you and a great coach too. The Broncos, 49ers, Browns, Raiders, and Dolphins are all looking for coaches, how dose this happen.

Im glade Im not taking the Broncos job, they too like the Cowboys and Vikings fired their coach halfway on in the year, but look at the Broncos as a unit, traded cutler and a couple more good guys on the offense side, they fired the manager of operation, lets just hope that Elway can save their franchise once again. 49ers job looks good, but really when have they wanted to spend the money to get a guy with some camara hype???????I mean anyday now 9ers, you got some talent and still mange to drop your chances of making playoffs, Vernan Davis do yourself a favor. Ask, which is more important. Rings or cash? Rings or cash? That simple. Oh yeah by the way San Fran, it dont make me smile to know that you won 3 out of your last 6...including the smashing of the Cards, it would make me cry if I was a fan. You were only 6-10 for the yera, which mean s if you didnt get some end of season luck you would of finished 3-13.  Not good. Thank goodness for the cheerleaders, atleast the fans got something to look at, close call between them and the Dallas girls.

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And how can I forget, Carolina Panthers. This is the worst job on the market, no real QB, Smith is getting old. Didnt really get  a RB last year in the draft and now, ..ur d is getting bad you said good bye to Peppers who is doing a great job for the Bears D this year. Way to go. I hope that Luck dosnt comeback to Stanford for another year, otherwise, you will have to take a chance on another QB who isnt as fundemental and proven on his ablity to learn the playbook as quick. Really I wish this team the best, cause I loved watching your team when they went deep then busted up the middle with the run, get back on track please.

Thats about it, my thoughts on how well the jobs in the NFL look as of now. It 's bad that the NFL dosent put a block on this kind of treatment, looks bad on the league.

Tenn #18? How?

The Vol's

How could a team, loose 5 games, 4 out of their last 6 and still be ranked? Cincinnati must be about to loose their minds, starting out 14-0 and cant brake the top 25. The way I look at it, it really dosent matter who they have beat, at least they are beating the no-bodies, look at Tenn, they are getting smashed by the no-bodies.
Not only have the vols lost 4 of there last 6 but 3 of the 4 are not even a major division one college. College of Charleston, Oakland, and Charolett all got wins against the Vols. Pearl is functioning so low, the University of Tennessee some how managed to find themselves playing on the road, at Charolett, wow no excuse for this. Big diffrence between L ville going to WKU to play and this Because WKU has been in the sweet 16 twice in the recent past.
The Vols would had lost 5 out of 6, had they not won the heart pounding game against Belmont by the count of 66-65.
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Tenn is ranked 18 in the nation, coming in with a combine record of 9-4 with one quality win at Pitt against the Panthers, they will face a good Memphis team tonight.If the Vols lose again will they stay in, who knows, Pearl must be flipping burgers for those voting on the AP poll. My arguement aginst Tenn has nothing to do with the off the court issues, how could a team with this kind of early season performance manage to stay in the top 25, esepcially after being bombed at home by 13 in a game that really wasnt even that close to Charolett.
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kentucky vs Louisville state rival game

Just a thought-

Kentucky beat Louisville so bad, there was no reson to foul at the end, I loved it. Thats the way to brake in the Yumm Center. So yeah Im being slightly biast for the moment.
Harrellson had a huge game, I dont want to take anything away from Harrellson but Jones was double teamed all night, so it was inevitable that he or who ever was playing inside with Jones was going to have a huge game. Cal knew it, thats why Cal said that one of the keys to doing well at the Yumm Center was Josh Harrellson's game, Cal knew the double was comming for Jones.

Josh Harrellson

Pic rights: Nation of Blue
Nation of Blue has given the nic name- JOSH "OH MY GOSH"  HARRELLSON

And What About Jones
T. Jones was unreal, he didnt force his game and done all the things necessary for the Cats to win impressively. He created several assists for Harrellson and rebounded extreamly well. Jones was able to break in the double digits in scoring and had a massive dunk at the end of the game. I mean the dunk was S I C K.

Dont Forget Knight
I mean how can you forget Brandon Knight, his 25pts were huge. Knight done a great job too at managing the game, the clock, the shot selection, who had the ball. His court awarness and ability to be a general on the floor was more impressive than his 25pts. Another thing that stuck out was 3pt shooting. With this kind of shooting I doubt the D in upcoming games will be able to drop down on Jones and Harrellson, no more zone-ing the Cats. I caint wait to see the Cats in SEC play. Dont over look Penn though, got CATS!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

LeBron's comment ---NBA needs to trim down?

Should the NBA do some trim work?

LeBron James commented that the NBA should cut loose some of the teams that struggle, that dont sale the most tickets. James said it would " allow more tickets to sale to other NBA games because the level of compition would be higher, fans want to see higher level of compition and would not only show up but pay higher ticket cost."-parra
I disagree. If the NBA was to cut loose some of the struggling teams it wouldnt help the players, fans, or the NBA for several reasons. One major reason is the idea of all the lay-off players. How would you ever pick and choose who stayed who didnt, what player went where? If the NBA cut teams they would be responsable for making sure the teams didnt way over stack. Thats a lot of responsability to the league.
Another idea to think about, what about all the players that left college early to play ball, arent a superstar but are making a living. They cant go back to school on a scholarship...not that the player wouldnt have the money to go back to school, but is it really fair to take the chance to play for a living from a player who gave up such a great oppertuinty to get the chance to play at the highest level?

How do you pick?

How would the NBA pick which team was going to be cut? You couldnt without showing favor...! Look at the Kings for instance. Sacramento is struggling, they are 6-23 as of now. They would be a team that would more than likely be cut, but is it fair? It's true the ticket sales for this team are so low there is a talk of the team moving to a new location, Louisville Ky to be exact. What some people wouldnt consider, is just a few years ago the Kings may of had one of the more talented teams to ever be assembled and not win the championship. The list of high talented players included but not spelled exact would be - Mike Bibby, Bobby Jackson, Doug Christie, Vaulde Divoc, Chris Webber, H Turkaulou, and P Stokovic....

Would it be fair to say this team needs cut, because they arent living up to the standards of old? After Jordan and Pippen left the Bulls, Tony Ku was left there all alone, look at the bulls now, after a couple trades and getting a couple loto picks they are in the mix of the 3 or 4 teams that could win the East.

Another thing that stands out to me would be the timing in which LeBron makes this statement. It comes in the middle of a 10game win streak after an early season struggle. Now that James is with the Heat, and Wade and Bosh is at his side, its a little easier to make these suggestions dont you think? I mean the Cavs were good with James, but not good enough or a comfortable enough team then for James to make this suggestion....kinda sounds a bit unclassy.

Thanks for reading, were the history dose the talking.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

College Basketball....1 and done good or bad..?

My thoughts-

The one and done rule is killing the sport of basketball as well as knocking out several other basketball players of playing the level they deserve.
For example, a player comes in to...say UConn..they know he is a one and gone. A player that might had stayed and graduated or played two years with the team ends up on another team, maybe even at a minor D1 School all because the one and done player had to be recruited in the hopes that his one year there would be the championship run.
Its argueable that the level of the game is hurt by one and done too, for example, teams cannot build the same level of chemistry, imagine a team that stays together for two years compared to one. It's no question which team a coach would rather coach and a fan would rather watch.

They got to get the best, because the best recruits the best. Thats just the way that game works. By getting John Wall, Coach Cal prolly landed players not because it was UK or because of the great season, it was because the level of talent that was there, and how they -the players- were getting ready for the pros early. Think about this, D Lamb that plays for the Cats this year did'nt even start to follow the team until last year....this is an example of the best recruiting the best and Im not talking coahes really but ...thats true as well.

Besides it hurting the College game the one and done isnt really helping anyway, some of the lotto drafts end up in the D-league anway.
Another con to the one and done is that ..its not fair to the player, if an 18 year old can go to war, fight and die for their country..why cant they play in the NBA. Many players have made the jump successfully.
Sorry I didnt put any stats in on this blog...its more of an (open for discussion blog) so feel free to comment. Thanks for reading Down To Earth Sports ...where the history dose the talking.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kobe vs. Jordan

Jordan won 6.

What if-s dont matter, what if Jordan would of never given baseball a shot, would the bulls had won another championship or would they had repeat the 3peat? It dosent matter...go on what happen. Jordan won six, not to mention in the 96 season where the Bulls only lost ten games. The ten game loss season is a big factor when comparing Jordan and Kobe. Some would say ..oooohhhh how impressive, others like me might question if this isnt a testament to the weaker NBA of the 90's compared to todays NBA.

I think Jordan winning 6 is amazing, but it really couldnt be done that way today. For one thing the NBA has made a major change in playing best of 5 to playing best of 7. Another reason that it couldnt be done today is because there is a Defensive 3 in the Key, changed to allow more scoring so D is less effective, and lets not forget what I like to call the Green Zone under the goal, that allows you to kick someone in the face if you want and as long as it happens in this 5by5 area is ok.

Jordan won the MVP 5 times, Kobe has just won it once, so yeah Jordan is up on him in this area but you got to remember, Nash has one of Kobe's MVP awards...I mean really we all know Kobe was snubed in 2009. So far Jordan has more rings and MVP awards, but lets not forget...Kobe has been to the NBA Finals more times than Jordan. In the past ten years the lakers have won 5 championships, making it to the Championship 7 times...thats owning the game no matter who you like. Some argue that Shaq was the main factor in the first 3 rings and getting there a fourth time, but what about the next three...there is no arguement. LA would of never got to the finals without Kobe either. Every Batman has his Robbin just like Jordan had Pippen...and had Shaq played with Jordan...MJ would of been option #2. Yeah Scottie NBA top 50 player who scored over 18,000 points. And he was'nt a factor in Jordan making it? How many times did Jordan win a ring without him.

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If I had to pick the better player, based on numbers and wins, I go with Jordan. Why? Jordan is more of a complete player, not that Kobe hasnt made the all defensive team several times. Jordan's ablility to will his team to win was a little better, but Kobe is real Jordan'esk when it come to getting up in a players face and getting the best from them when Phil cant. Kobe aint done playing just yet though, if Kobe win's one more ring the gap would be even closer. I will say Kobe is the best scorer to ever play the game, but not the best dunker or ball player. Let's not forget Kobe's 81pt performace against the Raptors, second to only Wilt Chamberlands 100.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Kobe....what is his legacy?

KOBE-5TIME CHAMP.....what is his legacy? Where dose Kobe rank amoung the NBA's all time best?

Kobe Bryant has won 5 rings, although he hasnt done it alone he has been the or a key player in each, no doubt in the last two. He has won an MVP award and was somehow bulldoged out of another by Nash who won it back to back, who might I mention has yet to go to the NBA Finals.
Kobe was the 13th overall pick to the Hornets when they where in NC but lets be real, LA got the number one player in that draft, he has accomplished more since Jordan left the NBA than anyother player. If you like Kobe or dislike is not the point of this article, matter of fact I never impulse write ...ever. Kobe is the best player in the league..he was after Jordan left while he was a slasher and now..he has made 'the adjustment.'
What adjustment?
 "The Adjustment," should come with as much sports world shake as LeBrons.."The Decision.." which was a joke but thats another blog. When Kobe was first an all-star he was gettting the votes because of his ability to dunk. His ability to make high flying dunks and get to the rim was unlike anyother player since the early I keep comparing the two. Kobe has got a "lot of miles on him," claims some spectators but they are missing the point. Its the adjustment!!!.Now Kobe is a play maker, shooting on the run after the contact, drawing the d and dishing, hitting the open shot, scoop trick, in your eye kinda guy. He made the adjustment that most 2guards never make. He didnt wait till he lost his slashing ability no he's smarter. Kobe worked on 'the adjustment,' so he would never miss a beat. Thats him, thats his tiger hunting character.

Jordan or Kobe....Fair Question?

MJ or Kobe....dose Kobe's legacy stand on stage to Jordan?  Who had more help during their dynasty run? Is it even fair to compare the two? There are too many questions to try and answer in one blog so I plan to try and discuss Kobe's legacy compared to Jordan in the next blog or two, not to try and make one look better than the other but only to shed light on what Kobe has done...and in the end if we the bloggers say Jordan's run was better so what...Kobe falls short to only Jordan..right?I plan to try and make a blog every day....tell all your friends about the topic from today and whats up next on Down To Earth Sports...The Blog that lets history do the talking.

 LeBron James #6 Of The Miami Heat Exchanges Words With Kobe Bryant #24 Of The Los Angeles Lakers Late In The Fourthap